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Get in some cardio while taking in the sights of the foothills in our new fitness center!

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Fitness and Mind Body Schedule

FITNESS CLASSES: Fitness classes are in full swing, drop in and get fit today!  All Group Fit classes are free for the entire semester.  Group Fit offeres everything for you to get in shape: cardio to strength, there is something for you. TNT Kick-Boxing, Zumba, Hip Hop, Tabata Attack, Step, Barbell Body Blitz, and ABSolution, just to name a few.  Classes run all week long and all day long, so you have no excuses left, jump in and try one today!!!

MIND/BODY:Free your mind and the rest will follow.....  Over 10 different types of classes to choose from:  Meditation, Pilates, and Integral Yoga, or try the more traditional classes such as: Yoga Flow, Beginner Yoga, Gentle Flow, or Power Yoga, we even have combination classes: ZEN Yoga combines cycling and yoga, and Yoga Sculpt incorporates weights into your yoga practice.  Come in and calm your spirit, find your focus, and clear your mind! 

CYCLE:Love to cycle, but can't always get outside?  Indoor cycling classes are the answer.  When the weather is bad or good, these classes will inspire and bring out the cycler in you!  You can enjoy any of our powerful  traditional cycle classes, you can jump into "Crunch Cycle" class where you will endure a challenging cycle ride and follow it up with core strength.  You can alsp OHM your way thru a "ZEN" ride, where we combine the best of two worlds, cycling and yoga, or you can try many of our other fun classes!!! 

 PERSONAL TRAINING:   Receive a personally designed program to achieve your fitness goals with One-on-One or Partner Training sessions with our nationally certified personal trainers. Comprehensive Fitness Assessments and Body Composition appointments are also available.  Allow one of our trainers to help you reach your fitness goals by signing up today!

 PERSONAL TRAINNER FITNESS CAMPS:   Receive a personally designed program to achieve your fitness goals with One-on-One or Partner Training ses

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